What You Need To Know

  • Governor Charlie Baker signed An Act to Regulate Sports Wagering (House Bill No. 5164) on August 10, 2022, legalizing sports betting in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
  • The Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC) has been tasked with overseeing the promulgation of the state’s sports wagering industry
  • A number of prospective operators submitted requested documents to the MGC; the Commisson has posted redacted versions of those documents here.
  • Note that the redacted scoping surveys were submitted by the applicants to the Commission and the MGC makes no representations at this time that all redactions have been reviewed for compliance with the Massachusetts Public Records Law. In the interests of getting these documents to the public as expeditiously as possible, they have been posted in this format. This page may be updated periodically.
  • In the interests of releasing the sports wagering operator license applications as quickly as possible, please find below redacted copies submitted by the applicants at the Commission’s request. The Commission makes no representations at this time that it has reviewed all redactions for compliance with the Massachusetts Public Records Law.
    • If there is particular information that is redacted that you are seeking, please submit a public records request to mgcpublicrecords@massgaming.gov identifying the specific portion or portions of the application(s) that you are requesting and we will review the redactions to determine if they are outside the scope of the Public Records Law and are subject to release.

Prospective Operators for Sports Wagering

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission requested that entities interested in licensure for sports wagering in Massachusetts submit a Notice of Intent and a subsequent Scoping Survey for informational purposes to aid the MGC in projecting the number of applicants for Sports Wagering Operator Licenses.

A list of the entities that submitted one or both of these documents can be found listed below, along with redacted versions of their completed applications, if applicable. Their associated filled-out forms and materials are available next to each entity’s name.

Neither a notice of intent nor a scoping survey is an application for a sports wagering license.

Category 1 Licensees

Prospective Category 2 Operators

Raynham Park and Suffolk Downs are the only entities eligible to apply for Category 2 licenses at this time. Both companies have indicated that, while they intend to apply, they are not prepared to begin offering in-person sports wagering by January 2023.

Category 3 Applicants Approved for Temporary License – Tethered to a Category 1 or Category 2 Applicant

Category 3 Applicants Approved for Temporary License – Untethered

Other Prospective Operators


* Penn Sports Interactive filed a joint Notice of Intent with Plainridge Park Casino

This page will be updated periodically to accurately reflect the entities that have submitted forms associated with Sports Wagering.

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