Notification obligations for Gaming Service Employees, Gaming Employees, and Key Gaming Employees

Individuals who are licensed or registered by the Massachusetts Gaming Commission have a continuing duty to notify and update the Commission within ten (10) days of the occurrence of:

  • Any arrest, indictment, charge or criminal conviction in any jurisdiction;
  • Any exclusion from any casino, gaming establishment or gambling entity in any jurisdiction;
  • Any denial, suspension or revocation by a government agency in any jurisdiction of a license, registration or approval held by or applied for by the individual;
  • Any discipline imposed by a government agency in any jurisdiction; and/or
  • Any reports, complaints or allegations of which the individual is or should be aware involving conduct that could lead to criminal charges.

Employee Reporting Obligations Form

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Additional Documentation

Please submit copies of official documentation in your possession related to this incident. Documentation might include (but is not limited to) court paperwork, police reports, and/or correspondence from a government agency. Email the documentation to, or fax to 617.737.8066.

Submit a paper form

If you would like to submit a paper form, please download it here. You may submit the form to a Gaming Agent at a Massachusetts gaming facility, or mail it to:

Massachusetts Gaming Commission
101 Federal Street, 12th Floor
Boston, MA 02110
ATTN: Division of Licensing

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