What you need to know

  • General Law chapter 23K, section 45, and 205 CMR 152 require the Gaming Commission to establish of a list of persons who are to be excluded or ejected from licensed gaming establishments in Massachusetts.
  • The list consists of persons who have violated or conspired to violate laws related to gaming, cheats, willful tax evaders, individuals whose presence in a licensed gaming establishment would adversely affect public confidence and trust in the gaming industry, and persons whose presence in a licensed gaming establishment poses the potential of injurious threat to the interests of the Commonwealth.
  • No person shall be placed on the list of excluded persons due to race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, sexual orientation, disability, or gender.

Exclusion List

See the list of persons excluded by the Gaming Commission.

Note: This list does not include “Self-Exclusions” which are voluntary and confidential.

List of Names

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Exclusion # Exclusion Date First Name Last Name YOB
EX-001 06/13/2017 Michael Chamo 1989
EX-002 06/13/2017 Jamal Cooley 1979
EX-003 06/13/2017 Francis Curry 1948
EX-004 06/13/2017 Shawn Gaskin 1972
EX-005 06/13/2017 Todd Johnson 1985
EX-006 06/13/2017 Luigi Manocchio 1927
EX-007 06/13/2017 James McMorrow 1963
EX-008 06/13/2017 Daniel Newman 1994
EX-009 06/13/2017 Richard Newman 1953
EX-010 06/13/2017 Darrin Ngo 1974
EX-011 06/13/2017 Bruce Redington 1968
EX-012 06/13/2017 Qiu Zhu 1969
EX-013 09/27/2017 Josenildo Alves 1985
EX-014 09/27/2017 Michael Bliss 1989
EX-015 09/27/2017 Mylissa Bliss 1985
EX-016 09/27/2017 Donnalee Brown-Cortez 1962
EX-017 09/27/2017 Dustin DeNunzio 1976
EX-018 09/27/2017 Bujar Kaloshi 1959
EX-019 09/27/2017 Charles Lightbody 1959
EX-020 09/27/2017 Franco Miccoli 1966
EX-021 09/27/2017 Jose Rivera 1995
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