What you need to know:

  • The Voluntary Self-Exclusion Program (VSE) is a statewide program that allows you to voluntarily exclude yourself from casino gambling, sports wagering or both for a predetermined amount of time. By enrolling in the program, you agree to forfeit or suspend all rewards points and will automatically be removed from marketing lists.
  • The VSE program exists to help people control their gambling for any number of reasons. It is an agreement between an individual, the Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC), and all the licensed Gaming Operators. For the safety of the individual requesting VSE, the MGC, Gaming Licensees, and Sports Wagering Operators agree to help keep that individual from gambling and/or sports wagering for the designated term.

VSE Options

  • Gaming Self-Exclusion: Persons are prohibited from entering the gaming area of any Massachusetts casino and from gambling on casino games within the designated area.
  • Sports Wagering Self-Exclusion: Persons are prohibited from entering the sports wagering area of a retail sports wagering operator, and from placing a sports wager with any Massachusetts licensed sports wagering operator, including retails and sports wagering platforms.
  • Dual Self-Exclusion: Persons are simultaneously prohibited from the areas and types of gambling/wagering outlined above.

Note: Individual operators may, at their discretion, extend gaming or sports wagering exclusion to all forms of gambling offered by that operator. Speak with a GameSense Advisor (GSA) or check the MGC website for more information.

Please note: Persons enrolled in the Voluntary Self-Exclusion Program must complete a brief reinstatement session at the completion of their term in order to return to gambling.

How do I enroll?

By phone: Calling the 24-hour Safer Gaming Education Line at 1-800-426-1234.

Online chat: Chat via the GameSense website, available 24 hours a day.

In-person: To schedule an appointment to enroll in the Massachusetts Voluntary Self-Exclusion Program, please contact the Massachusetts Gaming Commission at 617.533.9737 or by emailing vse@massgaming.gov. Alternatively, you may visit any GameSense Info Center during casino operating hours without an appointment. Enrollment locations are:

  • GameSense Info Centers
    Located in Plainridge Park Casino, MGM Springfield and Encore Boston Harbor
  • Massachusetts Gaming Commission
    Located in Boston
  • Community-based Enrollment
    Our network of designated agents is made up of treatment providers and counselors who are trained in Massachusetts Voluntary Self Exclusion enrollment. Please click here to access the designated agent list.
  • Remote Enrollment
    Remote enrollment may be utilized by anyone who is unable to or is uncomfortable enrolling in-person at any of the above locations. A computer or mobile device with email access and video capabilities is required for this option. The enrollment form will be shared at the time of enrollment and may not be completed in advance.

At your appointment, you will connect with a professional who has been trained to handle requests for voluntary self-exclusion. They understand the difficult decision which you are making and will offer support to help you make a knowledgeable choice. During enrollment, you will need to show your government-issued identification, one that includes your signature and a photograph – e.g., a driver’s license, passport, or other identification. You will also sign the Voluntary Self-Exclusion Agreement and have your photograph taken.

Forms and Brochures

If you would like to review the VSE Enrollment Form, VSE Petition for Removal Form, or VSE FAQ brochure before your appointment, they are available below. Forms are available in Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Vietnamese, Arabic, and Portuguese (Brazilian); and brochures are available in Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and Vietnamese. Please email vse@massgaming.gov for interpreter assistance.

Arabic – العربية
Portuguese – Brasileiro
Spanish – Español
Simplified Chinese – 中国
Traditional Chinese – 中國
Vietnamese – Việt

Voluntary Self-Exclusion FAQs

Please note: FAQs are provided for informational purposes only and the actual rules are contained in the commission’s regulations 205 CMR 133: Voluntary Self-Exclusion and 205 CMR 233:  Sports Wagering Voluntary Self-Exclusion, which can be accessed by clicking here

Learn more by referencing our Frequently Asked Questions related to VSE in your preferred language

How long will I be self-excluded?

The length of the exclusion period is up to you. Your choices include: one year, three years, five years or a lifetime.

You may select the lifetime exclusion only if you have first completed a shorter term. You can renew or extend the period at any time but you cannot reduce the amount of time you select. Upon completion of your selected duration, you must participate in a reinstatement session in order to be removed from the Voluntary Self-Exclusion list.

Am I allowed to play the lottery if I am voluntarily self-excluded?

Yes. Enrollment into the Massachusetts Voluntary Self-Exclusion program does not prohibit you from playing the lottery or collecting any lottery-related winnings.

What happens when the term of my Voluntary Self-Exclusion ends?

You will remain excluded permanently until you have completed a reinstatement session. During this session, a trained professional will discuss with you safe gaming tips, risks of gambling and referrals to additional help should you want it. Please note that your term does not expire automatically, and you will only be removed from the list after the successful completion of the reinstatement session.

Why do I need to complete a reinstatement session?

The purpose of the reinstatement session is not to determine whether or not you can come off the list, rather it is a final point at which you will be offered problem gambling resources and have the opportunity to discuss a plan to keep gambling fun and safe in the future.

How do I schedule a reinstatement session?

You may schedule a reinstatement session at any GameSense Info Center located inside of each Massachusetts casino, LiveChat on www.GameSenseMA.com, contact the Massachusetts Gaming Commission at 617.533.9737, or by emailing vse@massgaming.gov.

Can I re-enroll in the program?

Yes, you may re-enroll into the program as many times as you would like.

Will I be contacted during my exclusion?

After successful enrollment into the Voluntary Self-Exclusion Program, the Massachusetts Gaming Commission and its licensees will not contact you via phone, email or standard mail regarding your exclusion unless otherwise noted on your application. You may reach out to the Massachusetts Gaming Commission at any time should you have questions about your enrollment by calling 617.533.9737 or by emailing vse@massgaming.gov

How will my personal information be protected?

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission takes privacy very seriously and protects your sensitive information using only secure procedures. Under no circumstance will your information be shared with a family member, employer or clinician who may request it.

Can I email or mail in my enrollment form?

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission can only accept forms that are submitted by a designated enrolling agent or via the remote enrollment process.

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