The Massachusetts Gaming Commission is in the process of promulgating a number of regulations related to sports wagering in the Commonwealth. Below are regulations currently released for public comment.

Anyone wishing to submit comments should fill out the required fields in the form below. Please note that those offering comments are asked to cite the regulation and specific section of the regulation on which a comment is being offered. If you wish to comment on multiple sections of one regulation, we ask that you submit multiple times noting each section.

For example:

  • Regulation: 205 CMR 221
  • Subsection: 221.03(10)

While the MGC will consider all comments submitted in accordance with these instructions, we are unable to reply to every comment individually. This page will be updated frequently.

+ 205 CMR 16.00: Procedures for the Approval of a Simulcast-Only Facility: The proposed regulation would govern the process by which the Commission receives, reviews, and evaluates requests for approval by a licensed simulcast entity to simulcast at a new location. The regulation is particularly concerned with input from the community or communities where the proposed facility will be located.

Regulations Relating to Sports Wagering

+ 205 CMR 221.00: Sports Wagering License: This regulation is being amended to fix an apparent conflict between 205 CMR 221.01(1) and (2) that would require operators requesting a renewal of their temporary license to pay $1,000,000 upon requesting the renewed license, and another $1,000,000 within 30 days after receiving it. This revision clarifies that the operator needs to submit the $1,000,000 fee only once.

+ 205 CMR 238.12: Reserve Requirement

Other Proposed Regulations

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