A Request for Public Comment: 2018 Community Mitigation Fund Applications

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission hereby requests public comment on grant applications from the 2018 Community Mitigation Fund.

Please email comments to mgccomments@state.ma.us with ‘2018 Community Mitigation Fund applications’ in the subject line. The Commission will review any comments received.

About the Community Mitigation Fund

As part of the effort to help offset impacts that may result from the development and operation of gaming facilities in the Commonwealth, the Massachusetts Legislature created the Community Mitigation Fund as part of the Expanded Gaming Act. Pursuant to the Act, applications for funds are annually due in the beginning of February [February 1, 2018].

Over the next few years while the gaming facilities are being constructed and particularly when the facilities are operational, the Community Mitigation Fund will play a pivotal role in helping communities and others address impacts. The Commission looks forward to an ongoing dialogue with communities and other interested parties regarding the use of these funds in the future. Once Category 1 (full casino) facilities are operational, significant new funds will be deposited annually into the Community Mitigation Fund. However, at the current time, the Community Mitigation Fund will need to rely on one-time funds deposited by gaming licensees as part of their gaming license fees.

To read the full guidelines for the 2018 Community Mitigation Fund, click here.

For more information on the 2018 Community Mitigation Fund, click here.

Specific Impact Applications
Transportation Planning Grant Applications
Workforce Development Pilot Program Applications
Non-Transportation Planning Grant Application
Tribal Gaming Technical Assistance Grant Application
Reserve Planning Grant Application
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