Division of Racing

The Division of Racing is responsible for regulating the state’s horse racing industry and implementing M.G.L. Chapters 128A and 128C.  As such, the Division is delegated the power to prescribe rules, regulations and conditions under which all horse racing meetings shall be conducted in the Commonwealth.

Horses First.

It sounds simple, but what starts out as a simple premise goes to the core of our industry. To read more about the Division of Racing’s commitment to our equine athletes, click here.

MGC Operations

Information on the Division of Racing’s regulatory programs at the racetracks, including veterinary reports, judges’ and stewards’ reports and rulings, as well as racing regulations, is provided at the following link:

MGC at Plainridge Racecourse

Annual Reports from the Division of Racing of the Massachusetts Gaming Commission:

Annual Reports from the Massachusetts State Racing Commission:


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