About the Office of Communications and Outreach

To support MGC’s commitment to transparency, the Office of Communication and Outreach sought to establish a prominent and highly-informative online resource for all of the latest expanded gaming news by maximizing the use of available technologies including social media and other innovative new media methods.

A key component of MGC’s comprehensive communications effort is the development and implementation of this website, MassGaming.com which continues to be the cornerstone of the Commission’s external communication.  MassGaming.com is a key component to the Commission’s ongoing outreach efforts to frequently connect with numerous constituents in an effort to build public trust, facilitate transparency and educate the public about the state’s new expanded gaming industry. To that end, all the Commission’s open meetings are recorded and available here on our website in its meeting archive.

Our website is consistently updated with new and informative content aimed at keeping the public and the participants informed of Commission activity, available resources and key decisions as well as soliciting public feedback and participation.

MassGaming.com offers a wide variety of information that is relevant to many constituents including municipalities, gaming applicants, public officials, local business owners pursuing vendor opportunities, residents seeking job opportunities, as well as concerned citizens and members of the media.

The site continues to be re-organized and designed to feature the most recent developments, key deadlines, important archived data and other evolving topics. Some of the site’s features include:

  • Overview. Information on the Gaming Act, news, updates and comments
  • All public meeting information. Including a comprehensive meeting archive
  • Live Stream and Video. The Commission provides a live stream for every open public meeting and educational forum.
  • Key Employee and Vendor Licensing Applications
  • Casino Jobs
  • A Gaming blog
  • Community Calendar
  • Social Media connection (Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube).
  • Sign-up function. The site offers a simple option for constituents to sign up to receive email alerts and newsletters on information of most interest.
  • Speakers Bureau request form. The Commission maintains a Speakers Bureau as a means of providing civic organizations and other community groups a mechanism in which to request a representative from the gaming commission to attend gatherings and educate audiences.
Provide feedback:

The Commission hopes the public finds this website as a useful resource. MGC encourages frequent web visits and participation via our social media.  The Commission welcomes feedback on how we might improve our website and outreach efforts.  To provide feedback, please submit comments via email to mgccomments@massgaming.gov.

Media Inquiries

Members of the media inquiring about the latest gaming news and Commission activity, please contact Communications Division Chief Thomas Mills by calling 617-979-8408 or via email at thomas.mills@massgaming.gov.

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