MassGaming releases briefs and correspondence relative to gaming establishment determination for the Region A resort-casino proposals

On the links below you will find the recently submitted briefs requested by the Commission to assist it in making a determination of the premises that comprise the gaming establishment for the Region A resort-casino proposals presented by Mohegan Sun Massachusetts LLC and Wynn MA LLC in their respective RFA-2 applications. Also set out below is a letter from the City of Boston. The Commission appreciates the ongoing participation and will continue forward with the thoughtful regulatory process that was developed to provide a fair and reasonable procedure to allow those interested to participate in the process as the Commission resolves outstanding matters before it. The next step in this process allows for any individual or group to submit a reply brief by April 24, 2014 at 5 p.m.  An individual or group need not have submitted an initial brief to submit a reply brief.  A reply brief, however, may only address specific issues that were addressed in a brief included below submitted by another individual or group.  Reply briefs shall be limited to 10 pages exclusive of attachments. All reply briefs, including any affidavits and other documents submitted with the reply briefs, will be posted on the day after the due date.  A reply brief may be submitted by way of mail or hand delivery to the Commission’s office or via email at and  No briefs or reply briefs will be accepted or considered if received by the Commission after the submission deadline.

Download PDFs:

1. Wynn MA LLC

2. No Eastie Casino

3. Mohegan Sun MA LLC / Affidavit /Tab 1/Tab 2/Tab 3/Tab 4/Tab 5/Tab 6- part 1/

Tab 6- part 2/Tab 7/Tab 8/Tab 9 /Tab 10 /Tab 11

4. City of Revere


In addition, the Commission received correspondence from the City of Boston pertaining to the above request for public comment. To review that correspondence, download here:

1. City of Boston

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