Region C UPDATE: The Massachusetts Gaming Commission Issues Update on Resort-Casino Licensing Process in Southeastern Massachusetts

Today the Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC) is releasing an update on the current status of the Category 1 (resort-casino) licensing process in Southeastern Massachusetts (Region C). Today is the deadline for entities to submit completed RFA-1 applications in a two-phase application process toward the award of a resort-casino license in Region C.  Previously, the Commission granted several extension requests during a public meeting to entities requiring additional time to submit deficient documents. The Commission set May 4, 2015 as the extended deadline to complete submission of RFA-1 application materials.

As of the 5:00pm deadline, MGC is able to provide the following status report for Region C:

  • Crossroads has requested an extension.  The Commission would need to review this request at a public meeting TBD.
  • Mass Gaming & Entertainment previously submitted a complete RFA-1 application. In advance of the host community referendum in the City of Brockton scheduled for May 12th, the Commission will hold a suitability hearing for Mass Gaming & Entertainment on May 6, 2015. The Meeting Agenda and Notification for the suitability hearing is available here.

In an effort to expedite licensing, MGC developed a bifurcated process, RFA-1 and RFA-2, to first allow for the determination of background qualifications and suitability of applicants for Category 1 (casino) and Category 2 (slot machine) gaming licenses in advance of the review of an applicant’s entire or ‘site specific’ application. An applicant cannot submit an RFA-2 application until it has successfully completed the RFA-1 application and has also been deemed ‘suitable’ by the Commission after an exhaustive background investigation.

The RFA-2 deadline for Region C is no sooner than July 10, 2015.

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