Approved Events and Wagers

  • For concerns on events and wagers allowed in the Commonwealth please refer to 205 CMR 247.01: Authorized and Prohibited Sporting Events and Wager Categories. View MGC regulations related to Sports Wagering.
  • For all the specific approved events and wagers please reference the MA Sports Wagering Catalog 6-6-24.
  • No wagering shall be permitted on any collegiate team located in Massachusetts unless the team is participating in a tournament.
  • Wagers on any sports or sporting event overseen by Russian or Belarusian governing bodies, leagues, events and players are not allowed in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
  • Wagers on Summer and Winter Olympic competition (including trials), summer and winter athletics including the Commonwealth Games, X Games, World Athletic Championships, World Athletic Indoor Tour, World Athletics Continental Tour, European Athletics Championships, International Skating Union World Championships and World Cup, International Bobsleigh and Skeleton Federation World Championships, International Luge Federation World Championships, Fédération Internationale de Ski, International Ski Federation World Cup, Four Hills Tournament, in which the final outcome of the event is primarily based on the evaluation or assessment of a judge or panel of judges is not allowed.
  • Wagering on awards and special approved events is allowed.
  • The wagering on drafts is allowed for all approved league drafts.
  • All sport wagering tickets can be cashed out 24/7 at the property’s main cage, if open.
  • Unless designated otherwise in the wagering description, all wagers that are determined based on postseason tournaments will be settled as losing if the team does not qualify for the tournament/postseason.

House Rules

Category 1 Licensees

Category 3 Licensees

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