What You Need To Know

  • The Gaming Policy Advisory Committee (GPAC) is a committee required by the gaming statute to advise the Commission on its policies and provide valuable feedback.
  • GPAC will advise the Commission on gaming policy, including community mitigation, addiction services and public safety issues related to the development of gaming facilities.
  • The GPAC also has the important role in advising the Commission on its research agenda.

About the Gaming Policy Advisory Committee

Chapter 23K established the Gaming Policy Advisory Committee. A major function of the GPAC is to advise the Commission in the development of an annual research agenda.  The results of the studies conducted will later form the basis for policy recommendations to the Legislature.

This Gaming Policy Advisory Committee is comprised of:

  • The Governor (or designee)
  • The Chair of the Massachusetts Gaming Commission
  • Two members of the Senate
  • Two members of the House
  • Commissioner of Department Public Health (or designee)
  • Eight persons appointed by the Governor (of whom shall be representatives of gaming licensees, organized labor, a federally recognized Indian tribe in the Commonwealth, and representatives from the vicinity of each gaming establishment.

About the Community Mitigation Advisory Subcommittee

The Community Mitigation Advisory Subcommittee is comprised of:

  • Members from each host community
  • A representative of the Massachusetts Gaming Commission
  • A representative of the Massachusetts Department of Revenue
  • A representative of the Massachusetts Municipal Association
  • One member fom each Local Community Mitigation Advisory Committee
  • Three persons appointed by the Governor:
    • A community mitigation professional
    • A host community small business owner
    • A Chamber of Commerce member.

About the Local Community Mitigation Advisory Committees

Each local committee is comprised of:

  • A representative of each host and surrounding community
  • A representative of each RPA region
  • Four Commission appointees from the region:
    • A representative of a Chamber of Commerce
    • A representative of an economic development organization
    • Two human service providers

Each local committee shall annually elect one committee member from those members appointed by surrounding community to represent the local committee in the subcommittee on community mitigation.

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