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  • In an effort to expedite licensing, MassGaming developed a bifurcated process, RFA-1 (Phase 1) and RFA-2 (Phase 2), to first allow for the determination of background qualifications and suitability of applicants for Category 1 (resort- casino) and Category 2 (slot machine) gaming licenses in advance of the review of an applicant’s entire or ‘site specific’ application.
  • The RFA-1 application process determines an applicant’s suitability in matters related to finance and integrity, requires gaming applicants, as well as key employees and investors.
  • MassGaming successfully placed a priority on attracting significant competition for each available license.  MassGaming initially received a total of 11 RFA-1 applications from applicants seeking a resort-casino license or the state’s single slots-parlor license.

About RFA-1 (Phase 1) Applications

Header Phase 1

The RFA-1 application process determines an applicant’s suitability in matters related to finance and integrity, requires gaming applicants, as well as key employees and investors.

To view the RFA-1 application forms for Region C, click here. The deadline for the RFA-1 application submission in Region C was May 4, 2015 and that process is now closed. The deadline for the RFA-1 application submission for the slots-parlor license and the resort-casino license in Regions A & B was on January 15, 2013, and that process is now closed.

Each applicant for a gaming license, as well as their qualifiers, must undergo extensive background investigations to ensure they meet the high standards for good character, honesty, integrity and financial suitability.

MGC has established multiple investigative teams to execute the substantial background investigations. The teams are comprised of gaming experts from the consulting firms, Spectrum Gaming and Michael & Carroll and collectively includes former FBI agents, state investigators, prosecutors, Massachusetts state police troopers, and accountants, all of who have vast experience in all types of investigations, including, but not limited to, corruption, organized criminal enterprise and racketeering as well as corporate due diligence and gaming industry backgrounds for the largest gaming entities in the industry.

The due diligence investigations for Massachusetts entity applicants covers their regulatory history in other jurisdictions, financial stability, compliance plan and history, and recent litigation, among other areas. The investigations for qualifiers – those individuals who are officers, board members or key investors of the applicant – cover their employment history, criminal record, education, stock holdings and financial suitability, among other areas.

Investigations may take up to six months to complete, dependent on the complexity and number of qualifiers for each applicant.

In addition, the Massachusetts legislation drafted the Expanded Gaming Act prioritizing competition as key criteria. The gaming commission has vigorously carried that charge forward resulting in the achievement of a gaming competition that is robust and primed to obtain that absolute maximum benefits in job creation and economic growth to the residents of the Commonwealth.

MGC received RFA-1 applications and the $400,000 application fee from the following entities:

Applicants who sought a Category 1 (resort-casino) license in Region C:
  • KG Urban
  • Mass Gaming & Entertainment
Applicants who sought a Category 1 (resort-casino) license in Regions A or B:
  • MGM Springfield
  • Hard Rock MA
  • Wynn MA, LLC
  • Mohegan Sun
  • Sterling Suffolk Racecourse
  • Crossroads Massachusetts, LLC
Applicants who sought the single Category 2 (slots -parlor) license:
  • Raynham Park
  • PPE Casino Resorts
  • Penn National Gaming, Inc.

About RFA-2 (Phase 2) Applications

Header Phase 2

The RFA-2 application is the applicant’s ‘site specific’ proposal. The RFA-2 application may only be submitted by applicants that have received a positive determination of suitability from the Commission in accordance with 205 CMR 115.05(3).

This RFA-2 application form was designed by MassGaming as a vehicle for each applicant to demonstrate that it has thought broadly and creatively about creating an innovative and unique gaming establishment in Massachusetts that will create a synergy with, and provide a significant and lasting benefit to, the residents of the host community, the surrounding communities, the region, and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and will deliver an overall experience that draws both residents and tourists to the gaming establishment and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

RFA-2 applications are first reviewed and processed by the investigators for completeness and areas of confidentiality. MGC then begins the RFA-2 Evaluation Process for each application’s site-specific plan. For a more detailed explanation of the RFA-2 Evaluation Process, please click here.

View the RFA-2 Application Form (revised July 14, 2015):
Deadline for Submission:

NOW CLOSED: Category 1 (resort-casino) in Region C was September 30, 2015 at 2:00pm

NOW CLOSED: Category 2 (slots-parlor) was October 4, 2013 at 2:00pm

NOW CLOSED: Category 1 (resort casino) in Regions A & B was December 31, 2013 at 2:00pm

View previously submitted RFA-2 applications:

The slots-parlor license was awarded to Penn National Gaming on February 28, 2014. The resort-casino license in Region B (Western Mass.) was awarded to MGM Springfield on June 13, 2014. The resort-casino license in Region A (Eastern Mass.) was awarded to Wynn MA, LLC on September 17, 2014. MGC voted against awarding a commercial resort-casino license in Region C (Southeastern Mass.)

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