MGC Releases Scoping Survey for Sports Wagering Applicants

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC) today released a Scoping Survey for companies intending to apply for a Category 1, Category 2, or Category 3 sports wagering operator license or to be vendors to those potential licensees.

In August, the MGC released a Notice of Intent following a sports wagering bill being signed into law to begin to understand the landscape of interest of potential sports wagering operators. Since that time, the MGC has held a number of public meetings on the issue of sports wagering and heard from many potential sports wagering operators.

Ahead of an application and associated $200,000 application fee being due, the MGC is requiring companies applying for a sports wagering operator license and vendors to submit a Scoping Survey. This survey seeks specific company information and will provide the MGC with valuable information ahead of full applications being due.

The Scoping Survey is required as part of a sports wagering application. Failure to submit this survey by October 17, 2022 shall result in the Commission deeming the application incomplete and administratively closed unless the Commission authorizes an extension of time pursuant to 205 CMR 211.01(10).

The document can be accessed here and is due back to the MGC by 5 p.m. on Monday, October 17. Applicants who have completed this survey should email ahead of its submission in order to receive a link to a secure file drop in order to securely submit the survey. Please do not send the completed survey to the MGC over email.

Note: Prospective vendors are not required to meet this deadline, though will eventually be required to fill out this survey.

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