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Video and Photos: MassGaming accepts three final applications for resort-casino license in Regions A & B, Commission launches ‘Evaluation Process’ to review final applications and determine license award

Today the Massachusetts Gaming Commission announces the acceptance of three final applications in a two-phase application process toward the award of two resort-casino licenses available in Region A (Eastern Mass) and B (Western Mass). Resort-casino applicants for the two regions were required to submit completed Phase 2 application to the Commission no later than December 31, 2013.

The Commission received Phase 2 applications from the following resort-casino applicants:

 Resort-Casino   Applicant Host Community & Region Suitability Determination Referendum Results
Wynn MA LLC City of Everett/Region A Positive Yes 86.46%,No 13.54%
Mohegan Sun MA, LLC City of Revere/Region A Positive Pending
MGM Springfield City of Springfield/Region B Positive Yes 57.7%No 42.3%

The Phase 2 application is 236 pages and has been broken up into sections to include key evaluation criteria: 1. Overview of Project; 2. Finance; 3. Economic Development; 4. Building and Site Design; 5. Mitigation. The content of the Phase 2 application is based primarily on the Evaluation Criteria previously outlined by the Commission.

The Phase 2 application may only be submitted by applicants that have received a positive determination of suitability from the Commission in accordance with 205 CMR 115.05(3). The application requires applicants to provide a copy of the executed host community agreement, and the summary of the host community agreement that was provided to the voters along with a description of the election at which the agreement was approved by the voters, including the date of the election, the polling procedures, and a certified copy of the election results provided by the city or town clerk. Please note that on December 19, 2013, the Commission granted Mohegan Sun a waiver on the required submission of the election certification with the final application. It is anticipated that the City of Revere will hold a host community election in February 2014.

The Commission will provide public access to the public portions of the final resort-casino applications on its website, MassGaming.com the week of January 6th. In addition, the resort-casino applicants will each participate in a 90 minute public presentation of final applications to the Commission on January 22, 2013 from 10:00am – 4:00pm at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center.  The presentations will also be streamed LIVE on commission website and the order of the presentation will be determined by lotto at the next open public meeting.

The Evaluation Process

MassGaming is swiftly approaching the issuance of the Commonwealth’s first of several competitively-awarded, expanded gaming licenses. The Commission has already begun a methodical and organized ‘Evaluation Process’ to scrutinize and evaluate the three slots-parlor license applications.  The Commission will now apply that same process to analyze the three final resort-casino applications.

The established ‘Evaluation Process’ for assessing and ultimately awarding  expanded gaming licenses was developed based on requirements written into the “Expanded Gaming Act” as well as criteria approved by the Commission to solicit the most competitive projects that meet the expectations provided in the final application, have a positive impact on the Massachusetts economy and enhance the state’s revenues.

A detailed explanation of the ‘Evaluation Process’ and the five key evaluation criteria is available in a newly developed section of our website and can be viewed here.

Furthermore, MassGaming has established a comprehensive communications plan to increase awareness of the overall ‘Evaluation Process’ and share with the public the necessary ‘Steps to Licensing’ executed by the Commission toward the issuance of the slots license. The Commission anticipates issuing the single slots license by March 2014. The Commission intends to issue the two resort-casino licenses for Regions A & B by May 2014.

The Commission continues to invite the public to participate in the ongoing licensing process by staying updated on the Commission’s efforts through MassGaming’s Tumblr account, which will include content featuring news and information on the Commission’s “Steps to Licensing”. In addition to MassGaming’s Tumblr account, the Commission will continue to provide frequent updates on its progress, critical milestones and key meeting and public hearing dates through the use of the Commission’s website, gaming blog, videos and other social media channels.


Wynn MA LLC final application arriving at MassGaming via BRINKS truck, Wynn final application

Wynn application arrives at MGCWynn application












MGM Springfield final applications:

MGM final applicationMGM final application












Mohegan Sun final application:

mohegan arrives mohegan binder













To learn more about today’s submission of final resort-casino applications, watch this video:

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