Division of Racing reveals enhancements to MassGaming.com

The following is a blog post from Director of Racing Dr. Jennifer Durenberger:

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission Division of Racing is excited to reveal our enhanced website, one full of features designed to provide a clearinghouse of information for occupational licensees and horse racing fans alike.

From our Division of Racing page, users will find portals to “MGC at Plainridge Racecourse” and “MGC at Suffolk Downs.” From there, you will be able to read about our “Horses First” initiative, download license applications, access racing regulations, keep up on the latest MGC judges’ racing reports and administrative rulings in the Plainridge Racecourse Judges Corner, do the same over at the Suffolk Downs Stewards Corner, and browse through our veterinary manuals and medication advisories in the Veterinary Corner.

But what we’re most excited about is a first-of-its-kind repository of equine drug testing information. Did you know that, on any given day, approximately 25% of the horses that race in Massachusetts are tested for a virtual cornucopia of prohibited and regulated substances? The Commission contracts with a state-of-the-art laboratory that is ISO-17025 accredited (an international standard) and which recently achieved industry recognition as one of five equine drug testing laboratories accredited by the Racing Medication and Testing Consortium. Blood and urine samples are collected by our dedicated team of veterinarians and their assistants and screened for over 1,900 substances using instrumental analysis and ELISA testing. By far the largest piece of our operating budget – well over one-third – is devoted solely to the drug testing of our equine athletes. In our Veterinary Corner, you’ll be able to look at test results for regulated substances like anti-inflammatory medications and total carbon dioxide.

As always, we invite you take a look around.  We welcome your comments, questions and feedback on our many regulatory initiatives and programs.



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