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Requests for Responses or Proposals

COMMBUYS is the only official procurement record system for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ Executive Departments. COMMBUYS offers free internet-based access to all public procurement information in order to promote transparency, increase competition, and achieve best value for Massachusetts taxpayers.

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission Releases Request for Response Seeking Responsible Gaming Program Manager – GameSense

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission has released an RFR to solicit bid proposals for Responsible Gaming Program Implementation services (Program Manager) for the GameSense program.  The objective of this RFR is to select and contract with a human services/public health organization with an expertise in program management, gambling, responsible gaming, problem gambling and other risky behaviors to manage the GameSense program.

Originally developed and launched by the British Columbia Lottery Corporation, GameSense is a prevention and intervention responsible gaming program intended to engage and educate the target audience through “friendly and positive” interactions and brand materials aimed at promoting healthy gaming choices and mitigating or minimizing gambling harm.

GameSense is a “Point of Sale” program in which representatives of the program (GameSense Advisors or “GSA’s”) interact with patrons and staff to promote positive play and reduce gambling-related harms.  This includes engaging with players to inform their choices, connecting players to self-assessment tools, providing information to help them recognize the signs of problem gambling and referring them to community-based resources if they wish to seek professional help and/or enrolling patrons in the Voluntary Self Exclusion program.

The RFR is available for review on COMMBUYS (Bid # BD-20-1068-1700-1-41542).

The deadline for bid responses is September 9, 2019. Only electronic quotes submitted via COMMBUYS will be accepted in response to this RFR.

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission Issues Request for Response Seeking Research Services

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC) just released a Request for Response (RFR) to solicit bid proposals for research services to support the MGC, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MDPH) and other stakeholders interested in the successful implementation of casino gambling and mitigation of related harms.  In 2013, the MGC engaged a team at the University of Massachusetts Amherst to conduct a comprehensive, multi-year study of the “Social and Economic Impacts of Gambling in Massachusetts” (SEIGMA) to understand the impacts of expanded gaming in the state. The study established baselines for numerous social and economic variables that may be affected by expanded gaming. The research organization(s) selected  through this RFR will maintain many aspects of this program and modify or expand where needed in order to better understand the true economic and social impacts of casino gaming in Massachusetts.  Specifically, the social component of the research examines the social impacts of gambling related harm to individuals, families and communities. Social research should also seek to measure impact on vulnerable and at-risk populations.  The economic component of the research examines the potential impact of casinos on economic growth and development of casino host and surrounding communities as well as government revenue, and demands on state and municipal public services. Other unique aspects of the envisioned research program include a focus on community engagement, especially those communities most directly impacted by the expansion of gambling, as well as the emphasis on knowledge translation to ensure the deeper understanding by the broadest audience.  Research organizations seeking to respond to this RFR mush have a proven track record and in depth knowledge of research and quantitative methods in the related subject areas.

The RFR is available for review on COMMBUYS (Bid # BD-19-1068-1700-1-40973).  The deadline for bid responses is August 28, 2019. Only electronic quotes submitted via COMMBUYS will be accepted in response to this RFR.

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission Issues Request for Response Seeking Services of Independent Monitor

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission announced today the opening of a competitive bidding process to procure the services of an independent monitor consistent with a condition of MGC’s Decision and Order pertaining to Wynn MA, LLC dated April 30, 2019.

The MGC seeks to retain an independent monitor of Wynn MA, LLC as the holder of the Category 1, Region A gaming license under G.L. c. 23K to mitigate the risk of a recurrence of the violations identified by the MGC’s recent written decision.

The primary focus of the independent monitor’s review and evaluation will be the Massachusetts licensee. The scope of the review will include the policies and organizational changes adopted by the Company as described during the recent adjudicatory hearing process. The Commission does not expect the monitor to substitute its judgment for that of the Company in these matters. Instead, the MGC is attempting to gain an understanding as to whether the approaches put in place by the Company are consistent with recognized best practices and are in fact effective. The independent monitor shall not review, evaluate, or otherwise assess gaming-related operations of the licensee, the Company or its subsidiaries or properties.

The independent monitor will be required to conduct a baseline assessment within six months of the commencement of its engagement, and then will report to the MGC no less than annually in accord with a mutually agreed upon schedule between the independent monitor and the MGC.

Companies seeking to respond to this RFR must have a proven track record of being able to accomplish the deliverables listed in the scope of services.

The RFR is available for review on COMMBUYS.

The deadline for bid responses is June 28, 2019. Only electronic quotes submitted via COMMBUYS will be accepted in response to this RFR.

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