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Request for Proposals: Pay Structure Review Process

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission is responsible for the implementation of the expanded gaming law (Chapter 194 of the Acts of 2011). Under the law, the Commission is tasked with establishing a regulatory framework for the solicitation, licensing, taxation, and oversight of a maximum of three casino licenses and one slots parlor license in Massachusetts.  The Commission is also responsible for regulating the horse racing industry in the Commonwealth.  The MGC is composed of 13 divisions, 107 FTEs, 20 seasonal employees and 3 contract employees.  The Commission’s operational budget is ~$42.6M

In March of 2021, the MGC embarked on a pay structure review process.  It had been over 5 years since a full analysis had been completed.  The review was intended to document compliance with the Massachusetts Equal Pay Act and to ensure that employees at all levels at the MGC are being paid fairly.  For the review to be timely and complete, the MGC bifurcated the process.  The MGC team has completed the Equal Pay Act analysis and documentation and now is seeking the assistance of a consultant to embark on the review of the overall pay structure at the Commission for a fairness analysis.

In a public meeting on November 18, 2021, staff requested authorization from the Commission to conduct a procurement for the services described above and to seek bids from only diverse vendors (MBE, WBE or VBE).  Staff specifically requested to seek vendors from the Pacesetters network and the LEAF network.  The MGC would like to offer the opportunity to bid on the following scope of work:

Working with the Executive Director, one or more Commissioners, and the Human Resources Division the consultant will be asked to perform the following duties:

  • Review MGC internal evaluation of positions within salary bands and make any necessary recommendations on criteria for salary band determinations.
  • Conduct a compensation analysis using publicly available information including, but not limited to:
    • state agency positions and salaries
    • quasi-governmental positions and salaries
    • other state gaming jurisdictions positions and salaries (adjusting for cost-of-living differences)
    • market data for relevant positions
  • Recommend revised salary bands and compensation for each position, if needed
  • Identify and recommend ways to address conflict of interest issues for MGC staff involved in the pay structure review.

The Executive Director will convene a working group to utilize the compensation recommendations to prepare a policy on agency salary structure and a final product which evaluates each position and employee at the Commission for fairness in an objective manner.

Vendors responding to this proposal should provide the following:

  • History of doing similar compensation reviews
  • Resume of team members assigned to this project
  • Detailed description, timeline, and budget for completing the project.

Vendors will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Experience 40%
  • Skill Set       40%
  • Budget and timeline 20%

This posting will expire on Thursday, December 16, 2021. Any questions regarding this procurement should be submitted to agnes.beaulieu@massgaming.gov.

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