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Requests for Proposals

The official location for getting all the information about procurements is www.COMMBUYS.com.

COMMBUYS is the only official procurement record system for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ Executive Departments. COMMBUYS offers free internet-based access to all public procurement information in order to promote transparency, increase competition, and achieve best value for Massachusetts taxpayers.

Request for Proposal: AOC Program Administrator

This bid is a request for applications for a grant for an AOC Program Administrator. It is located electronically on the Commonwealth’s procurement solicitation system “COMMBUYS.”  Applicants are encouraged to apply and submit proposals at the link below. If you are experiencing difficulty submitting electronically, you may submit via email to Agnes Beaulieu at agnes.beaulieu@massmail.state.ma.us on or before the deadline of December 19, 2016 at 5:00pm EST.  The Bid Document number is BD-17-1068-1068C-1068L-10736.

Request for Proposal: Comprehensive Communication Plan for AOC Outreach Campaign

On November 14, 2016 the MGC posted bid number BD-17-1068-1068C-1068L-10731, titled AOC Outreach Campaign, to COMMBUYS.  The procurement is a bid only available to contractors enrolled on the Integrated Marketing Services Project PRF60 Statewide Contract.  The bid is only viewable to the firms on PRF60.  All bid and responses will be public after the contract is awarded.  A PDF version of the final COMMBUYS document as well as the scope of services is below in PDF format.

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