Massachusetts Gambling Impact Cohort Study: Six-Year Longitudinal Study of Gambling and Problem Gambling in Massachusetts


  • Prepared By: SEIGMA Research Team
  • Release Date: April 16, 2021

The Massachusetts Gambling Impact Cohort (MAGIC) is a prospective study of gambling and problem gambling conducted in Massachusetts from September 2013 to September 2019. Multi-modal recruitment was utilized to recruit a statewide sample of 3,1 39 adults, 18 and older, with the sample over-selected for individuals at higher risk of future problem gambling. The cohort was assessed five times over a six-year period with the vast majority of assessments being self-administered online. The assessment collected comprehensive information on gambling-related behavior, attitudes, motivations, context, fallacies; problem gambling; physical health; mental health; substance use and abuse; social functioning; personality; and demographics.

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