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Support honesty and help MGC to ensure a FAIR DEAL

Regulatory compliance is critical to the public’s confidence in the Massachusetts gaming industry. Ensuring that all gaming activity is fair and ethical requires your assistance.

Do you have concerns or personal knowledge about unethical behavior or suspected violations of the Massachusetts gaming law or regulations? Tips are confidential and you may remain anonymous.

How to submit a tip online

If you wish to submit a tip about concerns relative to unethical behavior or suspected violations of the gaming law, please complete the following form to the best of your ability.

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Please understand that the Gaming Commission’s primary mission is to ensure public confidence in the integrity of gaming and in the strict oversight of gaming establishments in the Commonwealth. Commission staff will review your submission to ensure the gaming establishments are complying with the law and their internal controls. If appropriate, the Commission will take regulatory enforcement action in the manner dictated by the circumstances and the governing law. The Commission cannot provide you with legal advice or bring legal action on your behalf.

Other ways to submit a tip

  • Integrity Tip Line: 1.844.303.TIPS (8477)
  • Send an Email: Fairdeal@massgaming.gov
  • Submit a Paper Form: Print this form and submit it to a Gaming Agent at the gaming establishment, or mail it to:
Massachusetts Gaming Commission
101 Federal Street, 12th Floor
Boston, MA 02110
ATTN: Gaming Agents
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