Todd Grossman named General Counsel of the Massachusetts Gaming Commission

At an MGC public meeting on August 27, 2020, Interim Executive Director Karen Wells announced that Todd Grossman had recently been promoted to General Counsel of the Massachusetts Gaming Commission.

Grossman served the Commission in the role on an interim basis from the end of 2019 through August 2020, and began his work at the Commission in 2012, near the inception of the agency.

As General Counsel, Grossman oversees the legal department that offers counsel to the commissioners and staff on a wide variety of matters, specifically oversight and administration of the agency, gaming, and racing in the Commonwealth.

“It’s certainly one of the great honors of my career to be invited to step into this role,” Grossman said. “Both in this environment, and particularly here in this organization that is really so full of smart, thoughtful, conscientious and aware people.”

Grossman has contributed to the development and implementation of new regulations and policies governing the process by which gaming licenses were awarded, related municipal issues addressed, and ultimately, how the Commonwealth’s casinos are regulated. He was also involved in the development of an enhanced code of ethics for commissioners and staff of the Commission.

“I’d like to commend him for his work during really difficult times,” Director Wells said. “It was not easy during the shutdown, during the pandemic. They were down people in the legal department, and he rose to the occasion. I think everyone can acknowledge that one of Todd’s greatest strengths is his level-headedness and his ability to remain calm during a crisis, and that was seriously noted during this time. It was very welcomed by, not only me, by the staff and commissioners. We all appreciate the work he’s been doing, and we all look forward to working with him in the future.”

“Congratulations, General Counsel,” Chair Cathy Judd-Stein said. “We thank everyone for the support they’ve given the lean legal team during this time, but most of all for General Counsel Grossman’s leadership. The decision to promote Todd is the result of a thorough, competitive process that included many strong, capable candidates.  Ultimately, it was not a surprise to us, particularly given his extensive institutional knowledge, that he emerged at the top. We look forward to working with him going forward in this new and exciting role.”

Prior to his role at the MGC, Grossman served as one of the inaugural commissioners of the Massachusetts State Athletic Commission, which body is charged with the regulation of mixed martial arts and boxing events in the Commonwealth.

Grossman began his career as an Assistant District Attorney in the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office, prosecuting a wide variety of criminal matters in the district and superior courts of the Commonwealth. He is a graduate of Brandeis University, and holds a law degree from New England Law Boston.

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