Timeline Update: Commission releases important revised timeline regarding Category 1 (regions A & B) licensing deadlines and required actions

Below please find a revised document which offers ESTIMATED schedules for the award of Category 1 (resort-casino) gaming licenses in Region A (Eastern Mass.) and Region B (Western Mass.)

The projected schedule for Category 1 is based on the assumption that at least one arbitration between an applicant and a surrounding community or impacted live entertainment venue will be required and that this arbitration will take the maximum amount of days allowable under the Commission’s regulations.

If full length arbitrations are not necessary in a particular Category 1 region, this schedule could potentially be adjusted to allow the earlier award of a gaming license. Although these dates are based on timetables required by statute and the Commission’s regulations, they are estimates because they may need to be adjusted due to unforeseen circumstances or to improve the licensing process.

View the estimated schedule here.

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