The Massachusetts Gaming Commission Releases Request for Response Seeking Responsible Gaming Program Manager – GameSense

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission has released an RFR to solicit bid proposals for Responsible Gaming Program Implementation services (Program Manager) for the GameSense program.  The objective of this RFR is to select and contract with a human services/public health organization with an expertise in program management, gambling, responsible gaming, problem gambling and other risky behaviors to manage the GameSense program.

Originally developed and launched by the British Columbia Lottery Corporation, GameSense is a prevention and intervention responsible gaming program intended to engage and educate the target audience through “friendly and positive” interactions and brand materials aimed at promoting healthy gaming choices and mitigating or minimizing gambling harm.

GameSense is a “Point of Sale” program in which representatives of the program (GameSense Advisors or “GSA’s”) interact with patrons and staff to promote positive play and reduce gambling-related harms.  This includes engaging with players to inform their choices, connecting players to self-assessment tools, providing information to help them recognize the signs of problem gambling and referring them to community-based resources if they wish to seek professional help and/or enrolling patrons in the Voluntary Self Exclusion program.

The RFR is available for review on COMMBUYS (Bid # BD-20-1068-1700-1-41542).

The deadline for bid responses is September 9, 2019. Only electronic quotes submitted via COMMBUYS will be accepted in response to this RFR.

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