A Request for Public Comment: Advancement of Play Management Tool in Massachusetts

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission is seeking public comment on next steps to advance play management in Massachusetts. Play management tools are incorporated into electronic gaming machines to enable players to more easily track their play, manage their gambling decisions, and obtain real-time individualized play feedback.

In December 2014 the Commission voted to adopt a play management system (PlayMyWay) on a test basis in cooperation with Plainridge Park Casino (PPC). On June 9, 2016, PlayMyWay (PMW) was launched at PPC as a benefit to their Marquee Reward® (player card) members.  Patrons have the opportunity to enroll in the program at any slot machine, GameSense Kiosk or at the GameSense Info Center located inside the casino. PMW prompts cardholders to voluntarily set a daily, weekly, and/or monthly budget to track their spending at PPC. Once enrolled, patrons receive automatic notifications as they approach 50% and 75% of their spent budget. Players also receive a notification when they reach 100% of their budget, and if they continue to play, they will receive notifications at 25% intervals. This program is strictly voluntary and a player can un-enroll or adjust the budget(s) at any time. A player also can choose to stop at any point or keep playing.

The MGC is considering how to proceed with play management after the test basis is complete.  Four options were offered by staff to Commissioners at the MGC public meeting on December 7, 2017.  This is a non-inclusive list as there are likely additional options and considerations which may be proposed.

1)            Advance play management tools by promulgating a play management regulation and/or rules.

2)            Advance play management cooperatively with licensees through a non-regulatory path.

3)            Maintain support of PlayMyWay at PPC but delay a decision about advancing play management tools to Category 1 casinos.

4)            Abandon support of PlayMyWay at PPC and further discussions about the implementation of a play management tool at Category 1 casinos.

Here is additional information about play management/PMW.

Please email comments by 4:00 pm on January 12, 2018, to mgccomments@state.ma.us with ‘Play Management’ in the subject line.


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