PHOTOS: Commissioners Gayle Cameron and Enrique Zuniga visit GameSense Info Center during Responsible Gaming Education Week


ABOVE: In recognition of Responsible Gaming Education Week, Commissioner Enrique Zuniga of the Massachusetts Gaming Commission visited the GameSense Info Center at Plainridge Park Casino. Commissioner Zuniga took this opportunity on the behalf of the Commission to support the efforts of the GameSense Info Center and express the Commission’s gratitude for the continued dedication of the GameSense Advisors. In Massachusetts, each gaming establishment is required by statute to provide on-site space (the GameSense Info Center) for player education. Massachusetts is the only jurisdiction in the country required by law to offer responsible gaming resources onsite. There, patrons can learn about myths associated with gambling, the odds of the games they are playing, take a break, and seek support from a GameSense Advisor. The GameSense program combines recommendations on responsible gaming techniques with interactive tools and exhibits meant to engage patrons at Massachusetts casino gaming facilities.

ABOVE: Commissioner Gayle Cameron of the Massachusetts Gaming Commission receives a demonstration on the Cost To Play Calculator from Amanda Winters, Assistant Director of Programs and Services at the Massachusetts Council on Compulsive Gambling. The calculator is one of the newest tools which GameSense Advisors can use to educate casino patrons on how slot machines work and to help players understand the actual cost to play different machines. The calculator reveals the cost of a single bet by multiplying the number of lines chosen, number of credits played per line, and calculating an 8% house advantage. Due to the variation of betting styles, it is difficult for players to track what they’re actually spending. Therefore the calculator also helps to predict the cost of a full hour of play (based on 12 spins per minute). GameSense Advisors introduced this fun educational tool as part of Responsible Gaming Education Week.

ABOVE: Commissioner Gayle Cameron tries out the GameSense vending machine in honor of Responsible Gaming Education Week. The machine is free to use and stocked with items that promote GameSense and educate patrons about the program. The machine is random in that when a person approaches the machine and chooses their item, they don’t necessarily receive what they chose. The machine is meant as an introduction for GameSense Advisors to explain the randomness of slot machines. So far the machine has been well received by users, and the surprise of not getting what they selected is a fun way to demonstrate that the money lost to a slot machine should be considered the cost of entertainment.

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