MGC Business Webinar: Managing Cash Flow During a Crisis

MGC’s Workforce, Supplier, and Diversity Development team is collaborating with local organizations to host a series of free webinars to offer helpful information and strategies to small businesses navigating the economic impacts of COVID-19.

Workforce, Supplier, and Diversity Development Director Jill Griffin welcomed webinar attendees and introduced the featured speaker: Amine Benali, Managing Director of Strategy and Development at the Local Enterprise Assistance Fund (LEAF).

Mr. Benali joined LEAF after nearly two decades as an investment analyst and portfolio manager for companies such as John Hancock Advisors and Manulife Asset Management. He is an entrepreneurship lecturer at Northeastern University and holds a Master’s degree in Economics from Boston University.

Earlier this year, the workforce and diversity office partnered with LEAF through MGC’s workforce development grant program “to offer technical assistance to rapidly growing small businesses that provide goods to the casinos and horse racing industry.” Adapting quickly to the unanticipated crisis caused by the pandemic, LEAF stepped up to conduct the first webinar and is further providing one-on-one assistance to casino and racing vendors.

MGC Commissioner Bruce Stebbins also joined the webinar, noting “You and your families are in our thoughts. We’re very excited about this partnership.”

Mr. Benali began the information session with a presentation about how to manage a business during a crisis and increase the chances of emerging from the economic downturn, having suffered as little loss as possible.

During the presentation, Mr. Benali shared business strategies and presented on loan programs available to business owners. He covered topics including how a business should manage its assets, what to do about fixed and variable costs of running a business, and how to adjust one’s budget during these times.  He concluded with a case study on industrial services business data from this year, demonstrating how much money could be saved using specific financial strategies.

MGC would like to thank Mr. Benali and all webinar attendees.

For convenience and easy access, all presentations in MGC’s webinar series will be recorded and made available on


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