Meeting Notification: MGC to hold public meeting on July 11, 2024; Conference Call Available

WHO:                    Members of the Massachusetts Gaming Commission including Interim Chair Jordan Maynard and Commissioners Brad Hill, Eileen O’Brien, and Nakisha Skinner

WHAT:                The Massachusetts Gaming Commission will hold public meeting #524 on Thursday, July 11, 2024.

Once the meeting is called to order, the Commission will vote on meeting minutes from a Commission meeting previously held on December 14, 2022.

Following that, Commissioners will hear an Administrative Update covering the Commissioners’ involvement in the hiring process for two staff vacancies. That will be followed first by a Legislative Update from Commissioner Brad Hill and then by a discussion regarding the succession of officers and positions.

The Community Affairs Division will then lead a discussion regarding the Community Mitigation Fund and Everett’s FY25 Public Safety Application.

Following that, the Sports Wagering Division will present requests for an amendment to House Rules for Fanatics and Penn Sports Interactive. They will also discuss an extension of a waiver issued to DraftKings and BetMGM from 205 CMR 257.03(4).

The MGC’s Research and Responsible Gaming team will then debrief and discuss next steps from the MGC-sponsored conference. That will be followed by a discussion led by the Legal Division about an amendment to an Ohio Administrative Code Rule regarding prohibiting promotions and bonuses unrelated to gaming transactions.

The Investigations and Enforcement Bureau will then lead a series of discussions covering: a request from Encore Boston Harbor for amendment to its beverage license, a review of the IEB’s recommendation of assessment of a civil administrative penalty, an update on the IEB’s review of potential noncompliance, and security at casino facilities. That last discussion item will precede an anticipated Executive Session on the matter.

Commissioner Updates are expected to follow, rounding out the meeting.

There is time reserved at the end of the meeting for any other business the Chair did not reasonably anticipate at the time of posting.

For a complete list of agenda items and anticipated votes, view the official Meeting Notification and Agenda. A LIVE STREAM will be available at Community members are also invited to follow along with live meeting updates by connecting with the Commission on X, @MassGamingComm.

Please note that the Commission will conduct this public meeting remotely utilizing remote collaboration technology. Use of this technology is intended to ensure an adequate, alternative means of public access to the Commission’s deliberations for any interested member of the public. If there is any technical problem with the Commission’s remote connection, an alternative conference line will be noticed immediately on our website:

WHERE:            Conference Call: 1-646-741-5292, Meeting ID: 111 464 9610

WHEN:               Thursday, July 11, 2024, at 10:00 a.m.

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