Meeting Notification: MGC open meeting on 9/28 in Springfield, TOPICS: MGM Springfield Status Report, Region B Gaming School Funding, Horse Racing and Economic Development Fund Presentations

WHO:               Members of the Massachusetts Gaming Commission including Chairman Stephen Crosby, Commissioner Gayle Cameron, Commissioner Lloyd MacDonald, Commissioner Bruce Stebbins and Commissioner Enrique Zuniga

WHAT:             The Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC) will hold its 225th open   public meeting on THURSDAY, September 28, 2017 in Springfield.

The Commission will begin the meeting with a vote on a request from Northampton to utilize the Community Mitigation Fund. MGM Springfield will then present commissioners with a status report.

The Commission will receive an update on the status of Region B (Western Mass) Gaming Schools and is anticipated to vote in regards to school funding.

The Racing Division will present a request from the Massachusetts Thoroughbred Breeders Association to race at Finger Lakes. The Commission will review this request and is expected to vote.

Lastly, a series of gaming stakeholders will present the Commission with their ideas regarding potential uses for the Gaming Economic Development Fund.

For a complete list of agenda items and anticipated votes, view the official Meeting Notification and Agenda.

A LIVE STREAM will be available on the MassGaming homepage. In addition, community members are invited to follow along with live meeting updates by connecting with the Commission on Twitter, @MassGamingComm.

WHERE:            Mass Mutual Center, 1277 Main Street, Rooms 1 & 2, Springfield, MA

WHEN:              THURSDAY, September 28, 2017 at 9:30 a.m. 


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