Meeting Notification: MassGaming to hold open public meeting on July 15th, Topic: latest developments in Region A (Eastern Massachusetts) licensing process

The Commission will hold a brief public meeting on Tuesday, July 15, 2014 at 12:30pm at Bunker Hill Community College to identify the next steps in the licensing process resulting from the City of Boston’s decision to not participate in arbitration with resort-casino applicant, Wynn MA LLC. The Meeting Notification and Agenda is available here.

The Commission has repeatedly demonstrated throughout this complex licensing process that it strives to base its regulatory action on the facts of sometimes unforeseen scenarios presented to it, the provisions of the gaming statute to which it must adhere and the regulations it has promulgated to do so. As part of that process, the Commission has also worked diligently to establish procedures designed to provide all parties with a transparent and fair opportunity to resolve a variety of critical and at times intricate matters. The Commission is fully cognizant of the passions (and in some cases the politics) that affect the overall perception of the process. The Commission is sympathetic to and respectful of those passions, but must also continue to fulfill its statutory obligations. Accordingly, the Commission will continue its work to the best of its abilities in a manner that is faithful to these obligations and respectful of the communities affected by its decisions.

A statement from Elaine Driscoll from the Massachusetts Gaming Commission re: the Region A (Eastern Massachusetts) Licensing Process

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