Massachusetts Gaming Commission adopts Version 2 of the Responsible Gaming Framework

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC) has approved and released the second version of the Responsible Gaming Framework. The new revisions incorporate approximately a year’s worth of efforts which included literature reviews, key stakeholder input, public comment, international review of jurisdictional approaches, evaluation findings and consideration of experiences of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Version 2.0 of the Framework signifies a natural progression as the original version was intended to retain flexibility in order to respond to emerging trends, technology, and shifting sociocultural factors.

The Responsible Gaming Framework is intended to inform gambling regulation in Massachusetts and provide an overall orientation to responsible gaming practice and policy adopted by MGC and gaming licensees. The Framework is not designed to function as a regulation, but to guide the Commission’s decisions as it promulgates regulation and develops programs and practices to support responsible gaming. The Responsible Gaming Framework is based on the commitment by the MGC and its gaming licensees to the guiding value of ethical and responsible behavior.

The Responsible Gaming Framework provides an approach through which gaming licensees can ensure their practices are consistent with the Commission’s expectations that legalized gambling in the Commonwealth will be conducted in a manner to minimize harm.

The MGC Responsible Gaming Framework supports the implementation of the expanded gaming law (Chapter 194 of the Acts of 2011, M.G.L. chapter 23K, or “the Gaming Act”) of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The legislation includes a number of key mandates to ensure the successful implementation of expanded gaming, including protection for host and surrounding communities and the prevention and mitigation of social impacts and costs. For further information about Massachusetts’ public health response to expanded gaming, view the Strategic Plan: Services to Mitigate the Harms Associated with Gambling in Massachusetts.

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