Help Wanted! MGC Releases ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ Regarding Employment Opportunities in New Expanded Gaming Industry

Today, the Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MassGaming) is pleased to release a list of ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ as it pertains to the employment opportunities afforded by the state’s Expanded Gaming Act. In association with the state’s community colleges and the Massachusetts Casino Careers Training Institute (MCCTI), MassGaming has developed a list of ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ by collecting information and inquiries from potential job-seekers and stakeholders involved in the process. Topics include the anticipated number of opportunities for employment and the qualifications required to obtain employment related to an expanded gaming facility.

As the Massachusetts Gaming Commission continues to move forward with the licensing process for up to three resort-casinos and one slots-parlor, MassGaming is working to maximize the benefits of job creation for residents of the Commonwealth. It is anticipated that 10,000 positions will be created by the arrival of expanded gaming in Massachusetts. The Commission is working with the MCCTI to satisfy the requirements in the Gaming Act that mandate the promotion of a skilled and diverse workforce and provide for the greatest possible economic benefits. In the coming months, the commission will be focusing on the licensing requirements for employment.  These regulations will guide how residents can become eligible to work in a casino in a variety of positions.  We will certainly be seeking feedback from the public on these proposed regulations.

Said Director of Workforce, Supplier, and Diversity Development Jill Griffin, “We want to ensure that Massachusetts residents are aware of the career options and ready and are competitive for jobs in this new industry. This partnership with MCCTI will ensure that we target a diverse population and implement the Act’s intent of providing employment opportunities for the unemployed and underemployed.”

“The release of the Frequently Asked Questions document is an important first step in providing information on the workforce development process for casino jobs,” said Holyoke Community College President William Messner, who also serves as chairperson of the Massachusetts Casino Careers Training Institute, a consortium created by the state’s 15 community colleges and numerous workforce development agencies throughout the Commonwealth. “This will help Massachusetts residents and job seekers decide whether or not casino employment is right for them. It also provides some practical advice about job readiness, timing, and training.”

This list of ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ is available here. It is intended to be a one-stop resource for job seekers interested in employment. The Commission will continue to update the public with new developments as the evaluation and licensing processes unfold, and encourage job seekers to contact the Commission with any questions pertaining to the workforce development scale up.

The ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ seek to answer many common questions candidates for employment may have concerning the workforce development process, including anticipated figures on payroll, numbers of positions expected, a timeline for hiring, as well as skill and licensing requirements for potential job-seekers.

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