Guest Blog: A Message from the Edward J. Collins Center for Public Management – Understanding & Crafting Development Agreements in Massachusetts

The newest publication out of the Edward J. Collins, Jr. Center for Public Management, Understanding & Crafting Development Agreements in Massachusetts, is now available on the center’s website. The report is meant to be a primer for municipal officials, community members, and developers involved in large scale or particularly complex developments in Massachusetts.

First, the report explains the real estate development business from the developer’s perspective.  It then identifies the components of a typical development agreement, describes how agreements change and grow over time, and it offers an outline of the negotiation process.  Finally, the appendices contain five sample development agreements and highlight interesting provisions that may be “food-for-thought” during negotiations. Links are provided so readers can access copies of the actual agreements referenced.

The report was funded by the Massachusetts Gaming Commission to provide general information regarding development agreements to municipalities that may be considering a proposal from the developer of a gaming establishment and special call-out boxes within the report provide additional information geared toward potential host or surrounding communities.  However, the report can be broadly used by all communities in the Commonwealth.

According to Ira A. Jackson, dean of the McCormack Graduate School of Policy and Global Studies, “Our Collins Center continues to do terrific work addressing the efficiency and effectiveness of government. This latest publication is just another example of the public management expertise assembled here at UMass Boston.”

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