Director of Racing Alexandra Lightbown thanks seasonal racing staff for another successful season

Veterinary staff conduct a blood gas test

A message from Director of Racing Alexandra Lightbown

As we near the end of the 2018 racing season at Plainridge Park Casino, I wanted to take a moment to recognize the tireless efforts of MGC’s Division of Racing seasonal staff.

They do their jobs well, efficiently, and like clockwork. Their work enables a thriving industry at the only Standardbred race track in Massachusetts. They oversaw 110 days of racing that encompassed more than 1,100 races and contributed to the continued and growing success of harness racing at Plainridge Park. That includes the issuance of over 1,040 licenses for participants, and the post-race and TCO2 testing of over 2,180 horses.

The team really went into overdrive for the Massachusetts Sire Stakes, TCO2 testing around 40 horses on each day of the six day event. And on the Sire Stakes Finals day, 60 horses were tested.

From the folks who work in the test barn, to those in the judge’s booth, and the staff in the licensing office, the racing staff truly takes pride in its work. It’s obvious to anyone who interacts with the Division that they care about the participants, the integrity of the races, and of course, the animals.

For the seasonal racing folks, many of them return to their other jobs, or education, or simply enjoy the winter months until the racing season begins again in April. Many of them plan on returning for the 108 days of racing at Plainridge Park in 2019. We wish them well until opening day 2019, and thank them for another successful racing season.

The test barn at Plainridge Park Casino

Director of Racing Alex Lightbown (far right) stops in at the test barn

A member of the MGC Division of Licensing veterinary staff acquires the signature of a driver ahead of racing participation

Veterinary Assistant Emily Batic acquires the signature of a driver ahead of racing participation

MGC Division of Racing Licensing Office at Plainridge Park Casino

Members of the MGC Division of Racing’s licensing office process license applications ahead of racing participation

Judges Sal Panzera (left) and Lou Haskell (right) observe a race from the Judge’s booth

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