A Request for Public Comment: Discussion Draft of 2021 Community Mitigation Fund Guidelines

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission hereby requests public comment on the “Discussion Draft” of the 2021 Community Mitigation Fund Guidelines (“2021 CMF”). Before beginning any final review of the “Discussion Draft”, the Commission determined that it would seek input from the general public. The purpose of the “Discussion Draft” is to receive substantial recommendations from parties to enable the Commission to evaluate the concepts in this draft. The Commission has not adopted these Guidelines.

To view the 2021 Community Mitigation Fund Guidelines draft, please click the below link:

In addition to a request for comments on MassGaming.com, the Commission is seeking the input of the Gaming Policy Advisory Committee and subcommittees, regional planning agencies, host communities, surrounding communities, communities that entered into a nearby community agreement, communities that petitioned to become a surrounding community, geographically adjacent communities, the general public and other interested parties. Comments from other communities and governmental entities are also requested. This Discussion Draft includes potential changes to the 2021 Community Mitigation Fund Guidelines that the Commission may consider.

Comments are requested by 5:00 p.m. on November 9, 2020. To expedite the comment process, we encourage you to submit any comments to the 2021 Community Mitigation Fund Guidelines concept draft via e-mail to mgccomments@massgaming.gov with ‘2021 CMF Guidelines’ in the subject line.

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