A Message to Gaming Applicants and Host Communities from The Office of Campaign and Political Finance:

The Office of Campaign and Political Finance (“OCPF”) recently provided the Commission with the below information about campaign finance law requirements that applicants must follow in regard to activities relating to potential referenda in host communities. The Commission urges all applicants and host communities to review these materials and to contact the OCPF with any further questions. The Commission is very appreciative of the advice provided by the OCPF.

 From OCPF:
  • Applicants who make contributions to a municipality or municipal employee of a host community must disclose their contributions to the city or town clerk of the host community using Form M119.  See 970 CMR 1.19. 
  • If an applicant wishes to become involved in a municipal ballot question campaign, it must disclose its financial activity by filing campaign finance reports.  If the applicant plans to both raise and spend money for that purpose, it needs to first organize a ballot question committee by filing a Statement of Organization (Form M101 BQ) with the city or town clerk.  The ballot question committee must also file campaign finance reports (Form M102) with the clerk, before and after the election, to disclose contributions, expenditures, and liabilities.
  • If an applicant wishes to make expenditures to influence a municipal ballot question (but not raise funds for that purpose), the applicant must disclose expenditures with the clerk, on a Form M22.  This form also must be filed both before and after the election.

Below please find documents provided by OCPF including: the Campaign Finance Guide for Municipal Ballot Question Committees, as well as the relevant forms, which provide additional information regarding the filing requirements. 

 Forms and Instructions:
Contact Information:

Office of Campaign & Political Finance/ Commonwealth of Massachusetts



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