UPDATED: A Message From Our Casino Licensees

MGC’s casino licensees and their parent companies have been providing frequent updates about the status of operations and its workforce, and various other corporate initiatives in response to the global pandemic.

This blog was updated at 3:00 p.m. on May 7.

An update from Wynn Resorts on May 6 regarding payroll continuance for salaried, hourly and part-time employees:

Wynn Resorts announced on May 6 that it is extending full-time pay for more than 15,000 salaried, hourly and part-time employees through May 31.

“We have the best teams and culture in the industry, and have made the important decision to continue to invest in our employees in Las Vegas and Boston by extending their full pay and benefits through the end of the month while we work through the phases to welcome back our guests,” said Wynn Resorts CEO Matt Maddox in a statement.

An update from MGM Resorts on April 21 about future of operations when properties reopen:

In a video update released on April 21, MGM Resorts’ Acting Chief Executive Officer and President Bill Hornbuckle addressed employees and discussed the future of the company as it relates to operations when properties are able to reopen.

“The is a completely uncharted path,” Hornbuckle told employees in the video, which was recorded from his home. “But we have to consider every aspect of our business so we can welcome our guests safely and keep each other safe while we do it.”

It is not easy to face a catastrophic and unprecedented event like this. I am incredibly proud of how our MGM Resorts community has responded to calls for assistance and help. Until we can be together again, please continue caring for others by staying home and staying safe.”

An update from Wynn Resorts on April 2 regarding payroll continuance for salaried, hourly and part-time employees:

Wynn Resorts announced that the company will extend paying all salaried, hourly and part-time employees through May 15, for a total of 60 days of payroll continuance. The company decided to take this action as part of its shared responsibility for the health and safety of its employees, their families and the Las Vegas and Greater Boston communities during this pandemic.

Payroll coverage will include more than 15,000 current Wynn and Encore employees. For tipped employees, it includes the average tip compliance rate or distributed tips/tokes since the beginning of the year.

“It is our shared responsibility to follow the direction of health and safety professionals to stay home, and limit social contact,” said Wynn Resorts CEO Matt Maddox. “We owe it to each other, our families and to our community.”

From Wynn Resorts CEO Matt Maddox in an address to 26,000 employees on March 17:

“For the next 30 days, we are going to pay all of our employees, not just full-time, and we’re going to include tips, because it’s work,” said Wynn Resorts CEO Matt Maddox said during an internal video message to all Wynn and Encore employees on March 17. “I want you all to have your full wages, because you need to stay home, and you need to not think about how you’re going to pay your bills. And the reason that I’m so confident that that’s the right decision, and the right thing for our company to be doing, is there are 15,000 of us between Las Vegas and Boston. And if you take our families, we represent about 50,000 people in our houses. And the 50,000 of us, if we do what we’re supposed to do, we’re going to save lives.”

From MGM Resorts International Acting CEO and President Bill Hornbuckle in an address to 74,000 employees:

MGM Resorts’ Acting CEO and President Bill Hornbuckle recently addressed employees about the company’s efforts to address the ongoing global health crisis, including the creation of a multi-million dollar employee emergency relief fund, and the donation of more than 400,000 meals to local food banks across the United States.

“Currently all of our domestic properties are closed to the public and most of our employees are either working from home or have been put on furlough,” Hornbuckle said. “We can’t predict how long our properties will remain close, but we are working closely with public health officials and our elected officials, and we are following their guidance.”

“For those facing this illness themselves or supporting a loved one, we offer you our prayers and our support. I implore everyone to please follow the guidance of our health officials. It could mean the difference between life and death for you, or someone around you. I know it can be hard, especially for those of us in an industry built around gathering people together.”

A Letter from Penn National Gaming President and CEO Jay Snowden to 17,000 Team Members:

“Let me start by saying that this is by far the most difficult week of my professional career. I have written and re-written this communication now a dozen times because it is so hard to both convey all of the information you all need to know, coupled with attempting to make sure each of you understand how heart wrenching and challenging it is to make decisions like this at a time when our company has so much long term promise and potential.

Nothing is more important to me than the health and welfare of all of you. Our entire culture is built on a sense of pride everyone feels because they are part of Penn. What began as a great start to 2020 has us now facing an unprecedented challenge. Your leadership team at Penn has been working around the clock to maximize the support we can provide our Team Members, while at the same time securing the liquidity and future of Penn National for when things return to normal. I want to thank each of you for your tremendous pride and loyalty to this amazing company. As your CEO, I put that weight on my shoulders and will do everything in my power to ensure we persevere and figure out a way to come out of this stronger and better than ever.

I know everyone is understandably concerned about the impact this ongoing battle will have on pay, benefits, and job security. While we are able to continue to pay team members their wages and benefits through March 31, more and more governors have since extended the time we must remain closed at our properties. Given the uncertainty about the duration of the pandemic, and with no revenues for an undefined period of time, I’m afraid we are left with no choice but to require unpaid furloughs of our workforce beginning April 1.

This decision was extremely difficult to make for all of us at Penn. Penn National is a family, and we deeply regret the hardship this will place on you and your loved ones. We are extremely motivated and focused on re-opening our properties as soon as it is safe and legal to do so. To try to help ease some of the burden, we’re maintaining your medical benefits through June 30, for those team members who are currently enrolled on our health plans.”

To read the full letter, click here.

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