A Message about Diversity from Chairman Steve Crosby

From the moment of its inception, the Massachusetts Gaming Commission has expressed its determined commitment to, as stated in our Core Values, “a diverse workforce and supplier base, and an inclusive culture internally and among our partners in the Massachusetts gaming industry.”

Furthermore, the Legislature stated a similar priority in our enabling legislation, when we were directed to promote diversity in the gaming workforce and among gaming suppliers.

We understand that a part of doing our job well is having representation within our organization and the organizations working in the gaming industry, of the broadest possible range of perspectives, experience, cultural backgrounds and values. Such diversity in all its manifestations, will help us consider the fullest range of issues and approaches to the challenges we face, and assure that the decisions we make are compatible with the interests of all the diverse peoples in the Commonwealth. We further understand that building a culture internally and encouraging a culture externally that has the competence and flexibility to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all people is an important precondition to successfully building and maintaining a diverse workforce and supplier base.

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