It’s Official! Massachusetts Gaming Commission Releases Phase 2 (and Final) Application

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC) has officially released the final application in a two-phase application process toward the award of a Category 1 (resort-casino) license in Region A (Eastern Massachusetts) or Region B (Western Massachusetts) and the single Category 2 (slots-parlor) license available statewide.

The application form and instructions are available for download here. This RFA-2 (Phase 2) Application form (“application”) was designed by MGC as a vehicle for each applicant to demonstrate that it has thought broadly and creatively about creating an innovative and unique gaming establishment in Massachusetts that will create a synergy with, and provide a significant and lasting benefit to, the residents of the host community, the surrounding communities, the region, and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and will deliver an overall experience that draws both residents and tourists to the gaming establishment and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

MGC Chairman Steve Crosby stated, “Since the Commission’s inception a little more than a year ago, we have been steadfast in our efforts to fully develop and articulate a vision, rooted in the expanded gaming legislation, of how our new gaming industry should be conceived and implemented in the Commonwealth.” Chairman Crosby added, “I  believe that this site specific, detailed application will solicit from the competing gaming applicants, the most innovative, regionally compatible, and economically significant development plans possible, assuring the people of the Massachusetts and the Commission a range of options that will ultimately maximize the benefits of expanded gaming to our Commonwealth.”

The Phase 2 application is 236 pages and has been broken up into eight sections: A. Background; 1. Overview of Project; 2. Finance; 3. Economic Development; 4. Building and Site Design; 5. Mitigation; B. Signature Forms, and C. Public Records. Sections 1-5 contain the main categories of information each containing its own criteria, which the Commission will focus on for purposes of evaluating the application. The content of the Phase 2 application is based primarily on the Evaluation Criteria previously outlined by the Commission.

The application may only be submitted by applicants that have received a positive determination of suitability from the Commission in accordance with 205 CMR 115.05(3). The application requires applicants to provide a copy of the executed host community agreement, and the summary of the host community agreement that was provided to the voters along with a description of the election at which the agreement was approved by the voters, including the date of the election, the polling procedures, and a certified copy of the election results provided by the city or town clerk.

  • Slot-Parlor applicants must submit the completed Phase 2 application to MGC no later than October 4, 2013 at 2:00pm.
  • Resort-Casino applicants for Regions A&B must submit their completed applications to MGC no later than December 31, 2013 at 2:00pm.
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